KuCoin Trading Bot | Made 41% Profit with Crypto Bot

Dave Yeh
5 min readMar 31, 2021


A trading bot is an automated algorithm that executes the strategies for you. It helps you to buy and sell Bitcoin without screening the market all day. Recently, KuCoin releases their homemade trading bot, which frees you from the API keys.

Table of Contents

  1. What is KuCoin Trading Bot?
  2. Can I make profits with the KuCoin Trading Bot?
  3. What is Classic Grid / Grid Trading Bot?
  4. What is DCA Bot?
  5. What are the risks of using KuCoin Trading Bot?
  6. How can I maximize my profit with the trading bot?
    1. Infinity Grid Bot
    2. Margin Grid Bot
    3. And other 10+ Bots on Pionex
  7. What’s the difference between KuCoin Trading Bot and other Bots?
    1. Bots on Crypto Exchange
    2. Bots from a Third Party Provider

What is KuCoin Trading Bot?

KuCoin trading bot is KuCoin’s new feature which provides trading bots within the exchange itself. It gives a new way to generate passive income without always sitting in front of your laptop.

Unlike the normal crypto trading bot provider, such as 3Commas or Cryptohopper, it’s free for users to use KuCoin Trading Bot, just like how Pionex offers 12 free cyprot bot for their users. Currently, KuCoin supports Classic Grid Trading Bot and DCA Bot on the platform.

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Can I make profits with the KuCoin Trading Bot?

The trading bot plays no magic here. For winning in your trade, you still need some experience in technical analysis. What the bot does is help you execute your strategy even when you’re sleeping.

KuCoin Trading Bot Performance
KuCoin Trading Bot Performance

I have 3+ years of experience in trading bots, especially the grid trading bot. Here are my results on the KuCoin Trading Bot. It turns out to be good, with my prediction with the Bitcoin price goes up. But I’ll tell you how to increase this earning with the trading bot in the following sections.

Here’s the must-read before using the trading bot. Without these tips, you might have more losses during the trial and error with the bots.

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What is Classic Grid / Grid Trading Bot?

Classic Grid, aka Grid Trading Bot, is one of the most famous bots over the globe. It helps you to place pairs of buy and sell orders and profit from the price volatility.

Grid trading bot on the price chart
Grid levels on the chart

It’s a great tool even in different market conditions. For learning more info, please visit this tutorial instead.

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What is DCA Bot?

Dollar-cost averaging is not a new strategy when it comes to investing. Many investors are familiar with this strategy, and I believe most of you have done this manually.

But it’s a hassle if you need to buy Bitcoin, ETH, or other cryptocurrencies every day. The repetitive task can be done with the tool here by the DCA bot.

DCA bot helps investors to dollar-cost averaging in their favorite coin in the pre-setted time interval. With DCA Bot, it’s easy for you to DCA in Bitcoin for $1 every 10 minutes. Slowly build up your position, and you won’t be panic if the price suddenly drops.

What are the risks of using KuCoin Trading Bot?

Investing always comes with risks. For using a trading bot, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make profits. If that’s what in your mind for using the KuCoin trading bot, you better stop using it, or you might be disappointed with the results.

The correct expectation is that the bot helps you minimize the risks and eliminate human error and emotional decisions.

Take the classic grid, for example; it helps you accumulate more coins when the price dip and gradually profit when the price rises. It sounds simple and easy, but if you have experience in trading before, you should be aware that it’s the most challenging part.

How can I maximize my profit with the trading bot?

You can only use Classic Grid Trading Bot and DCA Bot on KuCoin, which is considered the simplest bot for new bot traders.

One of the drawbacks of Class Grid is that if the price suddenly surges, then you’ll sell all your coin too early and miss the train. Upon Classic Grid Bot, there are more advanced Grid Trading bots on Pionex.

Infinity Grid Bot

Infinity Grid Bot doesn’t have an upper limit, which means you’ll never sell all your coins even when the price surges a lot.

📒 Introducing Infinity Grid Bot 📒

Pionex infinity grid bot

Margin Grid Bot

You can use your coin as collateral for using the margin grid bot. With this strategy, you won’t miss the whole bull market even the price exceed your upper limit.

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And other 10+ Bots on Pionex

Other than Grid Trading Bot, Pionex supports 12 free trading bots for different investors with different risk-tolerant. If you’re already tired of the volatility and looking for a more stable return, then check out the arbitrage bot on Pionex. It profits from the spot market and futures market without worry about price volatility.

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Performance of the arbitrage bot
Performance of the arbitrage bot

What’s the difference between KuCoin Trading Bot and other Bots?

Before jumping into KuCoin Trading Bot, let’s dive deep into the differences between others.

Bots on Crypto Exchange

Using the trading bot right on the exchange, you won’t need to connect the API keys, ensuring a more stable and sustainable environment to execute your trading strategies. You can reach out to these services mainly on KuCoin and Pionex.

Bots from a Third Party Provider

Using the trading bot with a third-party provider means you need to connect your exchange account with an API Key. It’s one of the most complicated parts and always having trouble when the traffic is high. But the good part is that they have more bots and signals, but you need to pay for the monthly subscription fee that sometimes eats your monthly profit.

More details comparison for each features please visit the below blog post.

KuCoin vs. Pionex Grid Bot