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About BitUniverse

BitUniverse is the #1 Auto-Portfolio and Trading Terminal with over 1 Million users World Wide.

With BitUniverse you’ll enjoy a simple, yet powerful, investment experience. Users have access to intuitive features including:

  • Live trading within the app
  • Real-time portfolio balance and profit tracking using API Keys
  • Real-time market prices
  • Complete market data
  • The latest news
  • Fully featured candlestick charts with 22 indicators

Additionally, users have the ability to set up automated trading “bots” on multiple exchanges from within the application.

BitUniverse is an all-in-one solution reducing the need for users to navigate multiple applications and exchanges when making decisions about their trading portfolio.

In 2017, a strong bull market pushed the valuation of cryptocurrency brokers such as Binance and Bitmain into the billions. We believe that the market will renew it’s bullish momentum over the next 2–3 years pushing the valuation of brokerages even higher.

BitUniverse — Global Broker in the Cryptocurrency World

As the crypto asset market develops, investors may choose to hold or trade a diverse range of coins and tokens. However, not all assets are available on each exchange resulting in the need to manage a number of accounts. This process is often too difficult and inconvenient for new investors causing a large barrier to entry. For more experienced investors it may pose an unnecessary frustration.

There are brokers in the traditional finance markets who solve this problem. Usually, they will let you trade all kinds of assets in different markets, and provide premium services. BitUniverse is positioning itself to be a global broker in the cryptocurrency world.

The Ongoing Truth

Over the last few months we have seen and increasing number of investors move away from trading directly on exchanges. Instead, they have begun to utilise the efficient portfolio management tools within the BitUniverse application.

With the launch of the BitUniverse Grid-trading bot in early December, we have noticed a rapid growth in the use of premium features within the application. The daily trading volume of our bot surpasses the volume of many existing exchanges.

We’re introducing an accessible trading bot system which provides new and existing investors with an improved trading experience.

Behind the Product

The BitUniverse team is highly experienced in mobile and security. The founding team of BitUniverse also founded Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) which is a mobile security company and IPO in US. We have made several mobile applications which hit more than 1 Billion downloads worldwide.

Perfect user experience + solid security and tech infrastructure

We’ll introduce everyone in our team on Twitter and here is the intro about three of us:

About BUB token

Our native currency, the BUB token, will play a crucial role in BitUniverse trading system.

The BUB token will be used for:

  • The sharing and exchange trading bot settings between users
  • Commission for a social trading system
  • Charging for bot trading with either monthly fees or per trading volume

You can imagine BUB token as a platform token, just like how BNB works in Binance, but with additional community driven utility.

Whilst BNB only works within Binance and is only relevant to the trading volume on a single exchange, trading through the BitUniverse application using BUB utilise all the volume across all of the exchanges comprising the crypto market.

You can find more details about BUB in this Medium post:

How to get BUB token

There won’t be a private sell or ICO. The BUB token will be supplied to the community using our bounty program.

Our current bounty requires users to invite others to use the BitUniverse Grid-trading Bot, and rewards both the bounty hunter and the new user with BUB tokens.

We are still developing the token economy so details are subject to change.

Follow us in our Telegram group or get notifications from our app. There will be opportunities to receive some huge bounties offered in our channels.

Join us in our trader group: https://t.me/butrader



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