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Bitsgap is a new service that provide crypto investor some useful features: Grid Trading Bot, arbitrage, trading terminal, portfolio, etc.

Pricing of Bitsgap — Read more for Bitsgap alternative

According to the pricing, you need to use “PRO” version if you’re a normal crypto trader. Which means $110 every month!

As I have known, there’re several alternatives to Bitsgap out there and have more reputation than Bitsgap.

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Check out FREE Bitsgap Alternative below!

1. BitUniverse — Crypto Trading Bot and Portfolio App with more than 1.2 Million Downloads

BitUniverse founded in 2017 and it’s the world’s 1st auto-portfolio and crypto trading bot App. BitUniverse is the first App that provides auto-portfolio and crypto trading bot within one single App. They reached 1.2 million downloads in the last two years.

Due to their previous data, BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot has helped their users made more than 10 Million USDT profit in 6 months.

BitUniverse is a FREE App and has co-host several event with decent crypto team: KuCoin, Huobi, IOST, etc.

Bitsgap Alternative — BitUniverse App

Bitsgap Alternative NO.1 — BitUniverse (

2. Pionex Exchange — An Exchange Provides Trading Bot and Aggregates the Liquidity from Binance and Huobi

Pionex is invested and incubated by BitUniverse team. It’s the next generation exchange with built-in crypto trading bot.

They also provide Grid Trading Bot for free for their users. Which is the best alternative to Bitsgap cause you don’t need to hassle with API Keys. The trading fee on Pionex is only 0.05% which is crucial for grid trading bot.

Bitsgap alternative — Pionex Exchange

Bitsgap Alternative NO.2 — Pionex (

Hope you love these Bitsgap alternative! Comment and tell me your thought about it ;)



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